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Jafar savalanpour ardabili was born in 1964 (1344) in the southern residential area of Tehran iran named oolaghan .he was the smallest ily.

After graduating from high school in 1982 (1361) and receiving his diploma he was greatly influenced by the social revolution which was taking piace in iran at this time .he was eager to persue religious studies and have a better understanding of the world around him. Unwilling to blindiy follow others he continued his education in hawzah elmiyeh in Qum.

In order to further his studies he entered to further his studies he entered university in1986(1368) . after spending ten years in university and also in hawzah studying principles he received an M.A degree in theology & philosophy.

After mastering the knowledge he had learned and studied he began to teach in universities across Tehran as a professor. He taught in institutes such as amir kabir tcchnological university allameh taba tabaee and the central and southern branch of the azad university of Tehran . during his studies he tried his best to teach and learn from his professors and classmates.

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His education passed with full unforgettable memories under supervision and aid of honorable professors and dearest friends, and changed to a big experience. His education experiences has been useful for many since the beginning. He successfully passed all the course related to Qom Seminary and has a hand in Jurisprudence, (Osule Rajal), Great Instructors Philosophy and passed the first stages in Theology and Presumption.


-To instruct in most of the universities, including Tehran, Amirkabir, Allameh Tabatabaei, Sharif Universities, etc.
-To manage the biggest education group in middle east consisting 140 Lecturers.
-To incorporate and establish Student’s Interest Free Loans at Tehran and Amirkabir Universities.
-To incorporate Mohebanalzahra Board, together with some of the students of Amirkabir University.
-To design and to incorporate Student’s marriage advising Council at Tehran University.
-To manage Marriage Council Committee.
-To manage education group of general courses at Technical and Engineering Faculty, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch.
- Director, I/C of Peyvand (Marriage) Journal.
-To instruct in education centers abroad, including Republic of Azerbaijan.
-To render advising (practical, family, marriage, etc) to the students as per the full standards required.
-To receive necessary public and private permits from the Religious Authorities to support financial Dept. of Council, to aid to solve youth and specially students problems.
-To advise and to dissolve, directly or indirectly, youth problems, specially those who suffers from family or friends.
-To incorporate and to establish Friendship and discourse Councils for the Youth, including Engineers Thought Council.
-To be present in Canadian Muslims Sessions, to incorporate Religious Meetings, to Advise at city of Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.
-To design and to found Amin International Family Cultural Institute The first Scientific, Social and Marriage NGO in Iran.
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